unlikely blond :)

dedicated to dreams of new and  more vivid apocalypses, utterances, artworks, books, misfits, spectacles, landscapes & beauty


click this blond

NEWS:  Unlikely Blond featured at Nostrovia! Poetry

NEWS:  UndergroundBooks accepting poetry manuscript submissions


Unlikely Blond is one of UndergroundBooks’s teeth, aimed straight at Poetry and creativity.  We’re here to draw blood, disrupt what is associate as “normal” in the creative community.  We write reviews of anything creative, with a special spot in the upper left-hand side of our chest for poetry.

See Mission Statement.


If you’d like to provide a review / have your work reviewed, use the contact page.

Everyone who solicits a review must participate with the blog at least once with a comment or sharing a post.  Please provide links to your participation in your query email.  We are a community project.


UndergroundBooks wants you to join the growing militia of poets, rallying against the stereotypes and negative connotations of poetry.  Come share your bite at the Unlikely Blond poetry forum.

undergroundbooks unlikely blond

Click to visit the main UndergroundBooks site

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