unlikely blond: an unlikely mission statement (forever yours, maybe)

1. this will be a multi-authored blog whose conspirators will write interesting and engaging and brilliant posts on shit that moves them: books, movies, art, music, some pretty face, fashion, the early spring fauna, death

2. we know nothing or nobody.

3. the blog is called unlikely blond because someone who can’t spell had that dot com domain and it seemed fitting somehow. i always thought i was blonde even when i wasn’t. we, i mean. blond.

4. and because accidental adventures are usually the most rewarding.

5. the great poet Courtney Love once said: “The language of love letters is the same as suicide notes.”

6. the great poet Courtney Love once said: “Now you’re covered in loser dust.”

7. because fake blonde is almost more real than real blonde.

8. not almost.

9. because everyone can be a fake blonde.

10. because a blond is a faker blonde.

10. because it pisses the real blondes off.

11. we reserve the right to not like your book.

12. so make it beautiful.

12. so be good.

13. so do it right.

14. it’s all over now baby blue.




15. if you want to write for unlikely blond please first write us (see contact).

16. or if you want us to write about you.

17. or whatever.


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