REVENGE for REVENGE Christie Ann Reynolds, shadow poems -a review


from Coconut Books 0

OH, this is how it works, these wordpressers and their whimsical media aware BE AWARE



We start


Only a tarantula knows for sure.

That kind of fear.

I wanted to be a woman but ended up a woman.

That kind of fear

Was circumstantial.

with certainty I pulled rabbits

From my throat like a magic trick.

I pulled and pulled until the lowest pit

Put forth a diamond and was dirty

From waiting. That kind of fear–

Of glowing: the man that grabbed me on the subway.
For days shame I carried like a lung.

For days and shame,

In December, any hole will echo.


Well. This is my first review here at the editorial desk. So I can get the boss if anything gets out of hand like line breaks and the proper usage of italics, somehow we will push forth together into



for if there are multiple lines then this achieves having as many as possible on revenge, if you need it, this is the book for every woman/man revenge bent legs out of a wedding cake, again, and again





Don’t pretend like I love
You the way you love yourself
Or that you admire being manipulative as a sloped roof
Darling, there is so much more to taxidermy than marbles
Why line the shelves with novels
When you can press your body inside of one
And the scent of your imprint will cinder the air
With all of the best smelling lies
Or fit your leg beneath the bandsaw
And pretend it doesn’t hurt when the steel
Makes a pretty red parted sea of your thigh
Reinvent the globe but place
Your grinning face on the plains of the Serengeti
as a kind of new and terrifying wildlife
Keep your palms flat in your pockets, and be
The only one in the world who loves
The way you love
If I press your eye
The Himalayas never existed


never existed

none of them! this is revenge at its best, as the poet

goes through the verses you get a clear sense of unity

in thought with good pacing, nice page work, and a simple

unifying theme, overall Revenge for Revenge is a book you

can pick up and pick up again, to get a taste of what your looking





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