city OF regret – aNDREW kOZMA 3



Welcome to the Escape From New York. Welcome to the City of Regret.



Is it a statement absorbing all questions. Look out
at the darkness beyond the streetlamp. Who undresses
their hands to feel the raw snow while still miles from home?

During an average lifetime enough skin and hair is shed
to create ourselves several times over. where are these
empty spaces? Who have I stepped away from?

It’s too late for breakfast, call it what you will. A treatise
on the life cycle is incomplete if it doesn’t say “simple cellulose
can not be absorbed without attendant organisms, without arrangements

of stomachs filtering in sequence.” With the cropped grass
come some stunned butterflies, blind from the sun’s
sudden eclipse. There is always some beauty to be understood

only through digestion. The body itself is a corporation
of vested self-interests, the bacteria in balance with the blood,
the clotted marrow ending in the tiny blue tongues of veins.







“they will rise,” he said. ” When the forest is empty 

and needs new animals.”

                                        -Andrea Barrett, “Birds with No Feet”



The wall is nibbled into opening.

Inside, there is no exit except my entrance, curled in disfavor.

We enter, a multitude of one, and scratch our cryptograms to herald absence.

We enter and scratch our chloroforms.

Plastic coats the teeth, it reinvents the stomach.

Daylight allows exploration; deep echoes coat the darkness.

Less and less motion.

Containers dribble gold to make my steps slick and demonstrative.

In these sanded caves, large enough for a thousand nests, we have each other.

We enter from forgotten tunnels, a furtherance of graves.

I infiltrate stones to find hollows.

These are edges to the sky an fragments to the earth, all glittering sun.

The tracks of some great predator have been erased.

My teeth are sharp.

My teeth are sharp.

I nibble the wall to a close.


_____Editorial note: You might to nibble real fucking hard!!!!!



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