SOME KIND OF unlikely blond NEWSLETTER: ST. Augustine, Beauty, pop corpse, consumption, lara glenum, fATTY XL, sean brijbasi, Carina Finn, nitoo das


Augustine writes in his Confessions, in the second book, hashtag [The Pear Tree]:

“Arrived now at adolescence I burned for all the satisfactions of hell [Horny as Fuck], and I sank to the animal in a succession of dark lusts: my beauty consumed away [Slut for Love], and I stank in thine eyes, yet was pleasing in my own [Self Love] and anxious [BROOOODING] to please the eyes of men [WEBCAM].”

We can assume only that beauty should be measured with a spoon of reason, that it should not expire, be squandered. To squander beauty or reversely, to hoard it, is always the fall of man, connected to all kinds of diseases like for instance tuberculosis and cancer and surrealism. Beauty spills over, must be contained. Too much beauty threatens to turn reason into a laughing pulp of perpetual desire, gothic spires. Beauty that festers like a dark knot secret in the hidden holiest chambers of all religions, always behind some fucking CURTAIN. Reason and religion are not opponents but share an enemy in beauty, share a burden in the domestication of beauty’s animal. This is known as BEAUTY’S PUNISHMENT.

For the sale of ANTI-RITUAL puritan AMERICA!


Beauty seems connected, in ways, to virility, the moderation of virility. This is a Man Disease. GET OVER IT POETRY MUST NOT CONFORM TO YOUR COCK COOLING DOWN PERIOD!

Let us turn again to unlikely blond oracle Miss FATTY-XL, who in the poem LIFE’S A BITCH UNTIL YOU DIE notes that:

“But, I know how I’m totally
easy and give it up just for stupid
reasons, like for ex. if someone says my name.”


“Other Times
he has to save it for his wife and can’t “waste” virility.”

Here is to an ART which clams the air with the stink of BEAUTY. oN THE SHEETS OF REASON, RELIGION’S GORY HOLE. all blood clumpy with death and stuff. For consumption we know is an appearance. THIS IS FASHION.

Thoreau, in 1852: “Death and disease are often beautiful, like… the hectic glow of consumption.”








I’ve just finished reading Lara Glenum’s Pop Corpse. This is the retelling/Bitch Remix of Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid”. We follow poor XXX  in pursuit of her very own snatcH. A kind of pop-up drama that the whole family can come together around and reenact. sYMBOLS. This is a complete gore and a return to dramatic drama. Good Values AND Stuff.. Go on. Keep your lips forever glossed. A review of this monster should be coming soon. For now you can buy it at most land retailers. Like go google. Look pretty next to Norton Anthology of Literature in your labiarium:

“In the slice Ward
they have an electrical shower

for girls who feel 2 much Who feel
They call it
The Gate of Heaven”



One of my favorite poets and all together awesome + friend + unlikely blond honorary idol NITOO DAS is editing  the new issue of The Four Quarters Magazine. The theme is


Send in your junk.



Have you Seen This Man?

OBS> Sean Brijbasi has gone missing and we fear the worst=a return to linear story telling(??)=somekind of born again-ness=dumbass antics=he was lastly seen rapidly tweeting for a period of 9 intense minutes last Thursday, the 25th, tweets that were later mass deleted from a different location, some pineapple shop cafe at the opposite end of town. The interesting thing about these tweets is that they are all quotes from his own book ONE NOTE SYMPHONIES. it is also interesting that he used double quotation marks, perhaps in an attempt to negate the quotation marks all together and get closer to whatever he was trying to get closer to. The time stamps on this hot trail are also decidedly European if not outright arbitrary.

13:23: “”There is a nightmarish quality to pain. A deep purple vintage. Hellish and beautiful like nightmares are beautiful.””

13:23: “”The full moon lent its borrowed sunlight to the neglected corners of Martin’s bedroom.””

13:29: “”–a frontier as ambiguous and complex as””

13:22: “”Darkbloom wrote this: 1+1 = 3 is the mind interrogating itself with intimations of torture at the = sign. The universe””

13:25: “”Bilingual prostitutes I think to myself. Are there any? But that’s too simple. And then:””

13:27: “”Kangaroos””

13:30: “”You torture me with the most simple acts. If it rains, you open your umbrella.””

13:21: “”emphasizing ‘me'””

13:21: “”hum”

Please if you see him or know something give us a poke on any social medium.



LEMONWORLD & other poems


 cARINA Finn

This trailer which we have now watched and can vouch won’t hurt too much.

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