Near Potsdamer Ponz.  Berliner Starstation.  the dictionary of coincidences, volume i (hi) author tags Europe (name changed to preserve artificial habitat of location).  This was the very first place that my tag appeared ever in the world.  In existence.  In America the tag first appeared at the top of the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.  With the help of local resistors I was able to scale the smooth, cool marble and leave my mark for a sleepy nation to see.  Wake up nation!

After the tag was reported to authorities, a government agency simulated an earthquake in D.C. and its surrounding areas.  The monument was then closed to visitors while ‘repairs’ were being made.  Nevertheless, in an act of unprecedented defiance, I visited the following day.


In the picture below you’ll see workers preparing to remove my tag from outside the Sistine Chapel’s conclave room at the Vatican.  It looks pretty darn good.  The following week I received a letter from a cardinal so-and-so with the church’s imprimatur regarding my book the dictionary of coincidences, volume i (hi) so long as I refrained from tagging anywhere on Vatican grounds in the future.  I framed the imprimatur to add to my imprimatur collection and tagged the door of the Poste Vaticane in light pencil the following day.


In Sweden I tagged ancient runes.  The child in the picture below is mesmerized by my symbols of fascination.  It was a moving experience for me to add my imprint to those of people who lived thousands and hundreds of years ago.  I live now.  I took this picture pretending to be a tourist from China.  Don’t forget me Sweden!


It’s important to remember that these tags are not signifiers. They are instead what is signified by the dictionary of coincidences, volume i (hi). The relationship between the signifier and the signified in this case is purely coincidental.  The book was accepted for publication based solely on this “what is signified” without so much as a hint of what the signifier might be.  The publisher never read the manuscript.  Am I lucky or what?



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