people are not statistics – we aim to help

people are not statistics

you were never meant to be barcoded, imprinted, cataloged, googlable or monitored, you were meant to enjoy life, be a simple part of it, not participate in a industrial military complex that kills indiscriminately men women and children all around the world by their stipend from your check

You only wish to be happy, that happiness is equitable in their mind to what you consume, for no one in a “free society” ever dare work or dirty their hands in the earth with an intent to create, they are not needed in this state of control. Consumption is how you are being monitored and evaluated by their health boards, they know what they are feeding you is unhealthy, lies and wrong. They need you to keep feeding upon them to gain absolute control.

The United States Government, NOT the people of the United States, inflict horrific genocide, fear, torture, rape, and the complete degradation of the soil and water to every extremity of this earth. They seek out with their killing machines more and more targets, they unleash particle and particle of pollution upon the loving lands and sea of this here gaia, they kill relentlessly, with no fear that they shall be held accountable. For the people of the United States support their actions and they have no clear conscious idea of what they support. This is control.

Upon its own people that they tax they wage a war against women, men and children, the poor, helpless, under the guise that they are trying to help. They jail to the extent of the largest prison population in human history. They poison the water with flouride, kill the crops with their desire for fuel, they restrain the American people from even having a chance to choose for themselves. They are doing this for your own “good”. And you support it. But Why?

The powers to be, are not your powers, they feed off your powers, restrain you from the thought that you are powerful. Indeed we as a people are more powerful then they ever imagined.

Are you tired of working all day just to turn the tv on and see the world is a fire? does it make you fearful, does it make you consume? is the tv on? are you consuming? This is not pretense, this is a resolution that you will no longer participate in their guide for whats best for you, for you by not doing so are unwillingly/willingly participating in genocide, murder and rape of this earth. You do not wish to be responsible for this.

Why must we cower in fear of what we truly wish to say? Why have they turned your own mind against you?

Why did they wish to fuck with me one might ask, the truth is they never did, they do not care about you, you are a number they harvest for their machines, grease, porkfat, and death. You are the reason they exist, they feed off of your fear and consumption, they harvest it into their grand schemes for absolute control of power and currency, these plans have been at work on us from the beginning, and through social upheaval and a deposing of ones government has a land always sought to cleanse themselves from the horror that the former control mechanism has inflicted upon its people and the people of others. They feed upon are blood spilled or held, taxed or tortured, they are indeed feeding upon all that makes you human.


In a design, this battle has been presupposed, and my dear friends the winners and sides chosen. However, you do not have to subside and be controlled by that which wants to do so. Its is not in your best interest to let government handle your life, your body, your money, your official love interests. You do not wish to sacrifice what serves to make you whole. You.


The new death of Humanity is in the presupposed natural evolution of humanity, a counterpoint to weigh the potential of their machines, this natural human and technology fusion is the new evolution. Some of us, choose not to evolve, to avoid the death of our own Humanity, our Humanimality that sets us a prime, the predators of this world as now. For they are designing greater predators and having you assume its new function, and you are a willing cohabitant of this as you have grown fond to your phone, your computer, you cable internet, your blood plasma chairs laboring you to the wall of modern day media and watered down cinema. Big explosions to deter for a moment the dirty work going on beneath the surface, and you the surface waiting for bombs.

are you unlikely collared?

We aim to help. Join us, tell a friend, like us on facefuck, For once they do pull the plug on the internet, you’ll still need books. :D And that’s why were here. Underground

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