after review

okay so we decided its okay to be a poet, that took bloody long enough, 
why the sudden change,well it came down to the ticker, the tick? yes well
not necessarily the time but the heart of the issue, couldn’t get the 
proper pump in fluid, you know to the head, or what had to go back to basics…

well you know the role of poet has never been more in demand
who told you that?
read it in a harpers article

okay so wait, being a frontman for a band, a lawyer, a politician, a doctor everybody hates those guys now?

so maybe
after everything else can’t sell out anymore, they look for the old faithful, 
well, they have a saying about it around the board room of harpers “if everything is broke, well don’t fucking let a poet fuck it”
aha! yes, an entry

you mean in this day and age out of all the hardships and troubles and weather patterns we share that we are incapable of having a common human interest in politics? 
well politics never really had any interest in us
and what about the lawyers, weren’t they to help with the law?
turns out the law was bad, thus bad fucking apples
and the doctors? noooo they are sworn to the oath,
And then They added wings and an additional snake to the rod of asclepius, its called money to raise the dead why do you think Zeus
smited Ophiuchus? 

there tired of commercials and buy products that they advertise that are poison. they hate the drones killing people. they hate being spied on, they comfortable do enjoy being plugged in however? 
I say night, not all
so the unplugged, the system malfunctions of this new earth
earn to arm themselves of a system that corrupts such social programs
into a feeding ground of human hybrids
and the drones?
just like insects in the end, play a natural part of nature
the humans?
are you?


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