Audrey Dimola: the Dream Poet


She has been tearing up the New York poetry scene with her  dream-like poetry. Audrey Dimola, the young and vivacious character straight out of Long Island City, Queens, is as charismatic personally as she is in her writing. Her collection of poems, Decisions We Make While We Dream, has me entranced. Here, writing this with her book at my side, I am still enshrouded in a mist of wonderment.

The title of her collection says it all: these poems certainly have dreamy, surreal, themes to them. Her images are complex in nature, throwing the reader into a focused environment. How about a little taste:

” ’cause every time we lay like this                          “fading,

you are the death of all my reason                       a pastel rainbow gently

and i feel as if i am sitting atop a bridge            arcs across the feathered skies

above the masonry of fate,                                     and dragon clouds billow silently,

and i understand..                                                      slowly past my lady moon

everything.”        – “half-light”                    rose-tinted by the twilight sun…”    – “in dreaming”

It feels like a trance, wrapping around me. Dimola properly conveys ideas of love, and even a small amount of naivety, all through clouded images of the surreal. However, stemming away from her ability to sever my mind from reality through intoxicating words, I feel that the book would sometimes alternate in its subject-matter, while staying on a similar topic. Yes, at times Dimola herself veers away from her motif of dreaminess, and attacks the reader, who is off-guard with affection, with nightmarish, angst. No, this is not one of those Kafka nightmares, where things make absolutely no sense, but rather subtle ones, with darkened descriptions and feelings of an outcast. These are feelings many of us feel. Some pieces, like “asphyxiation” and “exhaustion,” emulate these feelings. Dimola displays her fears; the fears many of us have fear in showing.

There is a small prose section at the end of the book, filled with crammed-up thoughts. Her writing seems to be stream-of-consciousness at this point. Although I enjoyed reading these pieces, I feel that they were a bit contrived. I could not, for some reason, feel the same pensiveness in her tone as I had felt when reading her poetry. These pieces may have simply been page-fillers, but, with the exception of “universe?”, I was unable to feel the vibe of her otherwise celestial skills.

All-in-all, I highly recommend Decisions We Make While We Dream for the avid reader of poetry. Audrey Dimola is a talent poetess whom I believe has a bright future in this field of writing. She will make you fall in love with her by the simple text that she provides. I know that I have fallen for her words.

You can purchase Audrey’s book at


– Oren Koralashvili

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