10 Questions with Zachary Friederich

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zachary friederich
1. How would you characterize your music?

Z: It all feels like Pop to me. Like most people, I’m influenced by all kinds of things and they’re just put in a kind of songwriting blender and mixed up and poured out. I tend to hop around genres. I guess one thing that I tend to focus on is storytelling.

2. What is one early music experience that made a deep impression on you//made you rethink what music can sound like//has helped shape the music you make today?

Z: One of the earliest things I remember is taking my parents Beatles LPs and recording them onto blank cassettes so I could listen to them over and over. I also remember that my older brother had the first Violent Femmes album and I would take that tape and listen to it every night as I fell asleep. I was in like fourth…

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