Unlikely Blonde is a review blog managed by Underground Books.  We review movies, chapbooks, street books, poetry collections, fiction, and creative endeavors that evokes emotion.

Underground Books publishes an ezine, The Kitchen Poet, ebooks through the unBound series, and handmade street books.  We take the D.I.Y. ethic.  We’re at war with boring.

Follow the submission guidelines if your interested in publication, and send us your best.

James Browning Kepple and Kim Göransson are responsible for this nasty little blonde.

 james browning kepple James Browning Kepple
(founder of the Underground)

“we lay on sand and draw superhuman bunnies

giant sand pieces of our love for superhuman bunnies”

Kim Göransson

Kim Göransson
(My Hot Air Balloon) 

“using this clam

I will suck out all the daylight

and place it in your hand, 



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